“’Sorry,’ he said, ‘I need to go pray now.’”

“I was with this one guy for about six months. He was Muslim and I wasn’t, but that was neither here nor there. His faith very much complimented how we both saw and moved through the world. One night we were in the middle of the act and his phone alarm went off. ‘Sorry,’ he said, ‘I need to go pray now.’ ‘Right now?!’ I stammered. ‘Yes,’ he replied. So he got up, took a quick shower, laid out his prayer mat in my closet, and did his salat. After about 10 minutes, he crawled back into bed with me. ‘Okay babe,’ he said as he grabbed a new condom and started kissing me, ‘Where did we leave off?’ I stared at him incredulously. I’m no expert in Islam, but even I could have told you that prayer in between rounds of sex probably wasn’t the way it was supposed to work.”